About the course


The Activ8 for Asthma online course is the main component of Asthma WA's Activ8 for Asthma program. The program encourages kids to participate in sports and not let asthma hold them back!

The Activ8 for Asthma program is for people who work with children in sports, such as coaches, trainers, volunteers, parents and teachers. Through the program you will gain confidence, knowledge and skills to best support kids with asthma in their pursuit of playing sports.

The course contains three modules:

  1. Managing Asthma
  2. Asthma and Physical Activity
  3. Asthma First Aid

Being active can help kids with asthma stay fit, maintain a healthy weight, strengthen their breathing muscles and help the lungs work better. Playing sport can help kids make new friends, develop problem solving skills and develop teamwork.

Last modified: Tuesday, 22 January 2019, 1:52 PM