Asthma WA eLearning Centre

One in nine people in Australia has asthma, affecting people of all ages. Asthma cannot be cured, but for most people it can be well controlled with good management. 

Asthma WA's vision is to help West Australians breathe better by leading the education and empowerment of people to take control of their respiratory health.

The Asthma WA eLearning Centre has been created to enable West Australians to have access to convenient options for learning about the management of asthma and other respiratory conditions. Information contained in our courses is based on the Australian Asthma Handbook, as a guide to current best-practice asthma care in Australia.

The website was initially funded by Telethon to deliver the 'Activ8 for Asthma' online course for sports coaches to encourage children with asthma to safely participate in sports.

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    Available courses

    Activ8 for Asthma Online Course

    Asthma Sports

    Activ8 for Asthma encourages kids to participate in sports and not let asthma hold them back!

    The Activ8 for Asthma program is for people who work with children in sports, such as coaches, trainers, volunteers, parents and teachers. Through the program you will gain confidence, knowledge and skills to best support kids with asthma in their pursuit of playing sport.